Small Enterprise Zone Valpovo

Investment location

Location: Town of Valpovo
Coordinates: 45°40′ 0″ S, 18° 25′ 0″ I
Zone size: 86.408 m2
Available land size: 10.069 m2
Land allocation: Production-service purpose
Allowed construction coefficient: from 0,1 to 0,67
Allowed efficiency coefficient:
Allowed construction height: up to 18 m
Way of land disposal: sale
Possibility of water purifier connection: Yes

Permissible noise on the outskirts of the production plant: In accordance with applicable noise protection regulations.


Capacity (m3/h): depending on the needs
Connection cost: 2.522 HRK + 116,00 HRK/m3
Cost for industrial users: 5,5 HRK/m3


Available power (MW): to 2 MW
Possibility to increase power (additional MW): to 16 MW
Voltage (kV): depending on the needs
Connection cost: 1.350,00 HRK + VAT per 1 kW
Cost of electricity consumption for industrial users: 0,58 HRK + VAT/ kWh


Capacity (m3/h): 50 m3/h
Connection cost: 3.823,20 HRK
Cost of consumption for industrial users: 11,98 HRK/ m3


Capacity (m3/h): 40 m3/h
Connection cost: 3.806,20 HRK
Drainage cost for industrial users: 10,67 HRK/ m3

Distance from traffic infrastructure

Access road: 0,5 km
Highway: A5 20 km distance
Industrial railway: 1 km distance
Seaport: Rijeka Seaport 450 km distance
Airport: Klisa Osijek 45 km distance

Charges and fees

Public utility fee

Cost of public utility fee: 20 HRK/ m3
Exemptions from public utility fee payments: by decision of the City Council or the Mayor if there is a special interest

Public utility charges

Residential space: 0,33 HRK/m2
Office space – production activities: 0,77 HRK/m2
Office space – other activities: 0,79 HRK/m2
Construction land for the purpose of performing:
– production activities: 0,77 HRK/m2
– other activities: 0,07 HRK/m2
Undeveloped construction land: 0,016 HRK/m2
Garages: 0,33 HRK/m2

Water infrastructure charges: not within the competencies of the local self-government units
Water management fees: not within the competencies of the local self-government units

Spatial plans

Spatial plan of Osijek-Baranja County (“County Gazette” 01/02)
Spatial development plan of the Town of Valpovo (“Official Gazette of the Town of Valpovo” no. 09/03 and 08/10)
Urban development plan of the Town of Valpovo (“Official Gazette of the Town of Valpovo no. 11A/03 and 08/10)
Amendments to the Detailed spatial development plan of the Small Enterprise Zone Valpovo, November 2001