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The Project “BIT NET – Through Networking to Entrepreneurship Development in Valpovština and Miholjština KK.” Approved under the Operational Program “Competitiveness and Cohesion”

The project contributes to the development and improvement of the quality of entrepreneurial business infrastructure as well as the increase of the number of products / services it thus provides in the Valpovština and Miholjština area and throughout the Osijek-Baranja County. Linking of business incubators in Miholjac and Valpovo will ensure synergy effects, as they will improve available services, expand the existing ones and provide new infrastructure for incubation and acceleration of SMEs.

Project holder: Town of Valpovo

Project partners: Entrepreneurial Centre Valpovo d.o.o., Entrepreneurial Cooperative Osvit, Business Incubator for Office Space Management, Entrepreneurial Centre of Miholjac d.o.o.

Associates: TERA Tehnopolis Osijek, Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek, Town of Donji Miholjac, Municipality of Bizovac, Municipality of Petrijevci, Municipality of Magadenovac, County Association of Beekeepers and Local Beekeepers Association, Local Action Group Karašica, Agrotouristic Community of Valpovo area and others.

Total project value: 11.902.307,19 HRK with the approved amount of 11.783.134,14 HRK (98.99%).

Project implementation period: 27 months (01/02/2017 to 01/05/2019).


Expected results:

799 m2 of physical infrastructure and 8 functional-spatial infrastructure units will be built and equipped, of which

  1. Educational-Production Center for Beekeeping,
  2. Educational-Production Center for Fruit and Vegetable Processing,
  3. Educational-Production Center for Technology,
  4. Office space of the Business Incubator in Valpovo,
  5. Conference hall,
  6. Co-working space in Valpovo,
  7. Office space in Miholjac,
  8. Co-working space in Miholjac, 3 business support organisations that will use the infrastructure, 4 SMEs operating for more than 3 years and 12 newly established SMEs that will use the infrastructure and other business support services.


Contact people for more information:

  • Matko Šutalo, Mayor of the Town of Valpovo, phone: 031 / 656-200
  • Vanja Miličević, Mag.iur., Director of Entrepreneurial Centre Valpovo d.o.o. phone: 031 / 656-218, mobile: 091/5233358.
  • Mr. Sc. Lidija Maurović Košćak, Local Development Agency Valpovo-Petrijevci d.o.o., phone: 031 / 656-221; mobile: 099 325 3000; e-mail:

For more information about EU funds


construction and equipping of entrepreneurial and production business incubator in Valpovo


The total value of the project is HRK 11,935,871.63, and the value of activities conducted by the Town of Valpovo is around HRK 10,900,000.00. EU funding of the project is close to 99%.


In addition to the office space, the incubator will also have educational and production facilities for beekeeping, fruit and vegetables as well as technology (equipped with a CNC machine and a 3D printer).